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the history

The BlackBelt Group is an association of manufacturing plants and people with great knowledge and long experience in the fastening business. Its core management launched the business back in 1964 when the world of fasteners and fastening tools was in the hands of a few key players located mainly in the USA and Europe. Technology and applications have come a long way since then and the manufacturing structure of those big players has gradually changed over time.

Our original Management Team is still here today, with the same focus on training, educating and preparing our people so that we can offer the best in service and quality to our customers. We believe in innovation and development, important values that we pursue every day. The corporate culture that we have nurtured over the years urges us on with passion, dedication, competence and knowledge.

Our customers can rely on an Organization that will help them to receive the largest range of quality fastening products available in the world from one single supplier. The clear advantages are fewer purchasing headaches and hassles, reduced investments to support sales activity and better response to unexpected requests from the market.