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It is easy to find less expensive fastening products on the market. It is more difficult to find competitively-priced products made according to internationally recognized specs and which are certified as well.

Our products are manufactured to meet the Norms and Regulations required for use in the most technologically advanced Countries around the world. They have been further tested and have been found to be in line with the newly introduced European Norms, which are widely considered to be the strictest regulations governing the world of fasteners.

Regardless of the plant and the Country where the products are manufactured, our CONSTRUCTION fasteners meet or exceed:

european norms

DIN 1052 - EN 14592 – EN10230 – EN ISO 1461 - EN ISO 12683 – EN 1179

us standards

I codes – NER 272 – ASTM F1667 - ASTM A641 - ASTM A153 - ASTM A1059/1059M – AC116

We are constantly adding newly certified products to our range, as soon as they go through the procedures necessary for approval and certification. Fastener coatings and protection are guaranteed to exceed the minimum requirements dictated by European laws.

We are committed to providing fasteners with longer-lasting protection against the elements by testing new environmentally friendly processes.

Certified Products have been tested and approved by a Fully Accredited German laboratory.

VHT - Versuchsanstalt für Holz- und Trockenbau (Notified Body Number: 1503)

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