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We are committed to developing, manufacturing and distributing a complete range of fastening products widely used in industrial applications, construction, packaging and much more. Our products are distributed, daily, to 47 countries around the world allowing us to secure consistent and stable business, which protects us from downturns that could affect different parts of the world from time to time. The solidity and steadiness of our daily activity allows us to further achieve and fulfill our mission. A firm and continued commitment to research, innovate, develop and improve products and technologies places our Organization among the leaders in the fastening business.

With the awareness that it is not possible to manufacture everything we have recently formed a subsidiary Company whose aim is to provide our customers with non-fastener related products, to which the same strict QC standards are applied. These non-fastener related products, which completely meet customers' varied needs and technical requirements, can be delivered in mixed containers together with fasteners.